He Understands Something Is Missing

August 14, 2009

Don’t book in a revolution just yet

Jose Borghino, from the Australian Publishing Association, said the industry was currently in discussion to develop a unified system to deliver book titles.

“The publishing industry is very ready for this, it’s just the matter of finding that killer app which will shift people’s understanding of what a book can be and can do,” Mr Borghino said.

Emphasis added by me.

Unfortunately, the context is that of the Axis of E: eInk, ePub, and eBook.

But just his phrasing there makes me hopeful that he senses the Axis of E is not there, not good enough, and will not succeed.

Someone else grasps that:

Dr Jason Sternberg, lecturer in media and communication at the Queensland University of Technology, said he didn’t think the industry in Australia should brace itself for a revolution in the consumption of the written word .

“These things have been around for a while, one of the initial predictions was how we would get digital newspapers on these tablets but the internet kind of killed that,” he said.

“I just do not see these replacing the book on a mass scale.”

Emphasis added by me.


The Eleven Axioms of 21st Century Book Publishing

August 14, 2009

1 – All publishers are information engines, not producers of objects

2 – A book is no longer a thing in itself

3 – Connections between books add value to all books

4 – A non-fiction book is only the beginning of its story

5 – Even fiction books connect to all other books

6 – A book’s deep metadata is worth more than the book itself

7 – Every dollar invested in deep metadata is worth a hundred dollars in future sales

8 – A book’s function dictates its file container

9 – Readers are no longer passive customers

10 – Readers sell more books than any publisher

11 – To see only today is to forfeit tomorrow