Things Only The Future Can Know

I plop this in here as being eBook-related in that it’s of interest to writers.

I left a Comment on Warren Ellis’s blog last night and had what I believed was an original thought: that the future is not only a point in time but a culture. Someone else must have made that point too somewhere and I suppose it just happened to rise to the top of my wee brain at that moment.

What brought on that thought was the video below. Before you play it, I want you to think about how you would explain it to someone who has never experienced Internet Culture. I contend that it can’t be done. And because of that, I also contend that it’s not possible for us now to project how fictional human beings in an extrapolated future will be affected by their technologically-advanced (or, really, technologically-different) surroundings. All of that is “air” to them. We don’t think about the air we breathe. Same with those future people.

Now the video:

Watch We Didnt Start the Flame War on CollegeHumor

OK. Now consider this piece that someone made me aware of on Twitter today: The Tweets Of Roland Hedley

These are artifacts of the future.

And there’s not a single writer out there who ever imagined these in any story ever written.

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