Will This Change The Entire eBook Market?

April 10, 2009

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch — who I’ve raked over the coals a number of times — last year proposed an inexpensive basic touchscreen tablet with a target price of $200.

The above photo purports to be some sort of production mockup of the final product.

If this goes on sale even at $300 — 50% above the target price — it could change the entire eBook landscape.

Suddenly, all those PDFs that have been irrelevant for portable reading rise from the dead. They would look incredible on that full-color roomy screen.

Browser-based ePub eBook readers such as Bookworm suddenly become useful too.

And if this baby is hackable — which I suspect it will be — even gorgeous LIT might come back to life.

It’s about time for me to drop off the Net for the day, so that’s all my weary mind can think of at the moment.

But really, who wouldn’t want this?

I’m in. I want to buy. Take my damned money, Arrington!