Archos 5 Internet Tablet Notes

It interests me as a current alternative to eInk devices (albeit for the, ahem, technically savvy), so from time to time I will plop a post in here with links to posts and stuff about it.

My current enchantment will most likely end once Dell releases the Streak — certainly in January when Apple announces the iTablet.

State of the Android Archos… And Some More — root has been gained, but not in a permanent fashion. Root is important because apparently Android currently prohibits screensnap applications for some reason having to do with root access.

TaxMan 45 is busy tormenting me. First he posts this photo:


— which is available here larger and uncropped (click View Full Size for a ginormous version), and then he does a post detailing how much fun he’s having: Archos Android update.

And Chippy of UMPC Portal tormented me in live video chat tonight:


And jkk of jkkmobile joined him with is iPhone:

Click = big

Those in the New York City area, B&H Photo apparently has it (not the model that has “Media” in its title).

Finally, Charbax, who runs Archos Fans, has done a rather memorable and hyperactive demonstration video:

Charbax has given full disclosure too:

Full disclosure: I am the biggest Archos fanboy in the world. I run the worlds biggest Archos fans community here at and at and have done so for the past 5 years. Archos did send me this new Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android 4 days ago for free and have told me that I could keep it since I also need it to support the thousands of Archos users in my online community.

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