The Puppy That Will Eat The Publishing Dog

Westport publisher has the ‘skinny’ on the credit card mess

Like Clover Leaf, thousands of other independent publishers have sprung up nationwide, said Terry Nathan, executive director of the Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based Independent Book Publishers Association, which was founded 25 years ago. Many of them share Randel’s preference for efficiency, Nathan said.

“The large publishing houses can’t react in time to trends and marketing needs,” he said.

Emphasis added by me.


More “Skinny On” books are coming this year. A book on success is set for a May debut, and one on federal income taxes is scheduled for publication this fall, Randel said, adding that the skinny series will be available digitally for the Kindle electronic reader and iPhone in the near future.

Emphasis added by me.


Why is it so difficult for the dying dinosaurs of print to see the time advantage of eBooks?

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