I Won’t Miss Flash. Here’s Why, In One Image.

The site for the Sony Reader used to load quickly. Recently they did a revamp and clogged it all to hell with Flash. I had to go there today to find out a two-second bit of information: What dictionaries were in the Sony Reader.

I had to wait forever for this crap Flash to load first!

Click = big

Count the spinning wheels! And those are only the ones on-screen. There’s a bunch more off-screen too!

(Don’t bother trying this on your iPhone. Sony might have an iPhone-friendly version of the site.)

My crap desktop PC is old. A 1.6GHz Celeron. But still — the CPU in the iPad is a 1GHz A4. How much of that CPU do you want to see wasted on some insane web designer’s Flash wanking?

Kill off Flash, Apple. And good riddance to it!

9 Responses to I Won’t Miss Flash. Here’s Why, In One Image.

  1. Eugene says:

    Th obsession with flash is really strange. I looked at my browsing patterns. Basically newspapers, twitter, google, google docs, blogs, some forums. I dont do facebook much, and dont play games on it ever.

    Flash gets in my way when it is used – mostly as ads on the Newspapers sites.

    Otherwise I dont use it. I dont notice it gone on ,y iPhone. Where it is used for something useful, the BBC iPlayer – there is an application. Flash is not necessary for movies.

    Which leaves me to believe that the anti-Apple hateboys are chronic masturbates. A small amount of research has shown me that flash is the choice, these days, for porn sites. Apple would never allow an App for porn. And the iPad wont browse websites as a mobile device so they wont be able to get their fix from an mobile version of the site..

    Does that explain the furore over the lack of Flash, The pro-Flash anti-iPad haters are wankers?

    I am just positing that as an idea.

  2. Trisha says:

    Agreed on the hate for Flash ads, sites, etc. But what about Hulu? I’d want to use that on the iPad, instead of being forced to buy shows on iTunes.

  3. Marcel says:

    This has nothing to do with flash, only with the way flash is used by these developers. There are sites that are slow because of the bad use of Javascript. You would not choose to disable Javascript for that, would you? It would basically disable the internet for you.

    Flash is going to stay for a while, so you better get over it.

  4. Norb says:

    I’m not digging Flash either. I think it’s just a waste of bits/bytes but I’m wondering why you don’t use the plug-ins to disable it and be done with it? Or were you just trying to make a point? To me, Flash = Advertisements which just get in the way of content and sap the life from the web experience. Unless of course, you are looking for games, flashy. moving graphics etc.

    I don’t miss Flash on my iPhone, which I’ve had since 2007, nor on my Macbook Pro (ClicktoFlash installed), nor will I on an iPad should I decide to buy one. However, I am TOTALLY annoyed by a lack of multi-tasking on the iPhone and now the iPad but that’s another subject altoghter.

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  6. Marcel says:

    Think about Flash video, youtube…

  7. Hamoek says:

    I agree with Marcel insofar as this is really a case of “bad dev work and terrible implementation” and not of, “Flash is awful and you should feel bad.” Sony simply employed a less than competent Flash developer (team), who then formulated a bad design for the site, summarily creating, in probability without adequate QA work, what is seen in the image.

    So, while you have a point in what you have shown regarding Sony, I find that your judgment of Flash is misrepresentative of what it has done, and is yet capable of.

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