It’s Time To Laugh At Microsoft Again

Now really, doesn’t this look like crap —

— compared to this —

Have a laugh at the video after the break.

Watch for the moment when Ballmer says the one word that should never be uttered at a demo like this: Oops!

Man, what a goofball embarrassing video. No taste whatsoever.


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4 Responses to It’s Time To Laugh At Microsoft Again

  1. slappy says:

    Why is he yelling all the time? Thats just freaking annoying.

    Your right, that looks like crap, no thought of any kind of UI experience to enjoy.

    So unprofessional compared to the iPad launch and demo from Jobs. The machine is unresponsive.

  2. KenC says:

    Isn’t that an HP tablet? What does that have to do with MSFT’s taste or lack thereof?

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