The Apple TV That Isn’t But Will Be

I stated earlier that Apple is going to need a YouTube-like service to snatch away all of those videos being fed into Google’s advertising wallet by iPhones (and soon probably the next-gen iPod Touch too).

Apple TV would be a natural name for it. But that domain is taken.

Apple watchers, keep your eye on that. At some point, Apple will have them evicted.

2 Responses to The Apple TV That Isn’t But Will Be

  1. Jon says:

    Or perhaps…

    That goes to the product page.

    • mikecane says:

      Thing is, most people think .COM for a site. Apple will want the .COM designation because that site could be pr0n behind that registration. Go to — it’s now all pr0n. Didn’t used to be. Cable TV channel TNT is but I still wind up doing first. Maybe that’s just me, but I don’t think so.

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