Quotes Of The Day: Writer Eli Roth

I absolutely hate reading at my desktop off a screen parallel to my face. It’s frustrating and exhausting.

So when I say that this is the longest thing I have ever read on the Internet and that you should read it too — you can be damned sure this isn’t going to waste your time. You’ll be in its grip as I was.

PRINT: The Aughts (and The Aught- Not-Haves.)

Literally my career, my whole life’s work, was in the hands of a 12 year old.


People are sending me the nastiest e-mails, like I’ve betrayed them, left them behind. Not successful people, they’re happy for me, but the ones who haven’t made it yet, it’s like they want to poison my moment.


If there’s one thing I learned this decade it’s that every artist needs a mentor, someone to give that kick in the ass or light a fire under you when you’re hesitating. Someone you believe in and really respect who just simply says: You can do it. You’ll be great. I believe in you.

— thanks to @jasonpinter via Twitter

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2 Responses to Quotes Of The Day: Writer Eli Roth

  1. jenn topper says:

    now if it wasn’t for my pesky, suffocating depression i would say, “i’m all hepped up now” after reading about roth.

    HOWEVER, i do have to say, getting that connection to david lynch is really the un-discussed fulcrum of the career. there’s always a catch. everything else seemed to innocent. (not to mention roth’s underlying talent!)

    i’ll keep trekking on, despite my crushing, self-defeating attitude. it’s what kept me going through 29 Jobs and a Million Lies. (i may be down, but i can always find an opportunity to plug.)

    thanks for passing this on, it was really interesting.



    • mikecane says:

      Aw, you can’t fault the guy for knowing Lynch. And it’s not like he went around to others sucking-up with, “I know David Lynch.”

      Edited to add: And knowing Lynch wouldn’t have helped him at all if he didn’t actually have talent. See the second quote?

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