Mac OS X To Get Major Facelift In 2010

Apple to launch 22-inch touch-enabled all-in-one PC in 2010, says paper

That’s what that item really means.

You can expect OS X to look much more like iPhone OS beginning later this year. The current face of it isn’t fingertip-friendly nor amenable to the grammar of touch.

Apple’s learned lots from the iPhone OS. They’ll incorporate that as well as add many new features not possible on a smaller display. Some of the new interface on the upcoming iSlate will provide hints of that.

And you can bet the shiny new OS X will include gesture macros.

Vook digital books will look incredible on it.

This will be the year that Apple really pulls away from the legacy model of desktop computing we’ve all been trapped in.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Save some screensnaps of the current Internet. It won’t look anything like this by the end of 2011. The screwball and brain-dead scrolling down to read that’s been a torment to us all will be dead.

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2 Responses to Mac OS X To Get Major Facelift In 2010

  1. I guess then maybe Leopard will be the last version of OS X I use after all.

  2. Nunuvyer Bizniz says:

    I totally agree with this article. Steve Jobs’ iPad presentation was full of clues about where Apple is going. I’d like to know more about how Mike interprets these clues, such as the end of scrolling, etc.

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