Something To Think About

Amazon the disruptor

As pointed out by Scott Anthony and Clayton Christensen in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Amazon is disrupting publishing. If anyone can make a book or CD, the distributor gains.

Distribution Is King

He’s got the money, but no impact. Because the distribution medium he chose has got a limited audience.

So don’t tell me how great you are. If no one can hear you, it doesn’t matter.

2 Responses to Something To Think About

  1. That Lefsetz post is a good one, and it’s why those who think something like Smashwords is going to disrupt publishing are out of their minds.

    Did you read this post in the Guardian last week”

    >> Yes, there are fewer major labels. We entered the decade with five (Universal, BMG, Sony, EMI and Warners) and we’ve left it with only four, after Sony and BMG merged. Plus, with Terra Firma suing the City Group for misleading them into buying EMI, there are fears we might one day end up with just three.

    But fewer major labels has not resulted in a redistribution of power favouring independent labels. It’s just made the few that are left even more powerful. Ged Doherty, head of Sony Records, even said at the Musexpo conference in 2008 that the dominance of his label and Universal is not healthy for the future of music. <<

    • mikecane says:

      The legacy of Reagan’s Randroid Laissez-Faire policies — which permitted mergermania — has made life thinner — and harder — for us all.

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