Writer Patricia Highsmith

Using my own blog as To Do here.

I’ve never had an interest in reading Patricia Highsmith. But @MaudNewton has sent so many links about her through Twitter that I’ve clicked on, that I’ve finally given up.

This one was the final straw: Book Club: The Hideous Heart

The relationship to Poe is significant, not only because Highsmith worked in the same amorphous set of genres, but also because she seems to have shared so many of his personal characteristics. Schenkar observes that each had an “interest in alcohol and pubescent girls,” and that “amongst American fiction writers, only Edgar Allan Poe approaches her developed sense of personal doom.” That final claim is certainly a bold one. Poe’s writing and his pathology are so entwined in the public imagination—and his life and death so shrouded in a gloomy fatalism—that putting Highsmith alongside him makes her his sister Angel of Death, another double, or doppelganger, in a biography fascinated by such patterned relationships.

Right then. She’ll be added to my Infinite Backlog of To Be Read.


Maud Newton’s always super-cool blog

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