Sony Dash: Part Two

Researching the Sony Dash turned out be a rather disappointing experience.

It’s basically a revised Chumby.

There’s nothing bad about that in and of itself, except the hype surrounding the Dash made it seem more than that.

What’s worse, the Chumby cannot do all of YouTube. Even with a widget, the result is frustrating and disappointing.

Any device that cannot provide access to all of YouTube is dead on arrival. Period.

Palm’s Foleo was ridiculed for not being able to access YouTube.

It also didn’t help that Hawkins had no defense against Mossberg’s question about the Foleo being able to access YouTube videos.

What makes Sony think its Dash is an exception?

I’ve got news for Sony: it’s not!

Everyone — every potential customer — is going to ask about full access to YouTube. The moment they’re told they can access a pre-digested selection of videos, all interest will be murdered.

Right now, we don’t know the hardware specs of the device. Sony was coy. Perhaps they were gauging interest before committing to a final version.

Well, lots of people are interested. But no full YouTube = no sale.

Don’t screw this one up too, Sony!

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