Writer Harry Crews

I saw these two days ago. Been meaning to post them. Today is the day. I need them to retrieve my sanity from the IQ-crushing blithering about tech on the Internet.

Pay attention. There’s no one in tech like him.

And there needs to be!

About two weeks ago, three weeks ago, I threw away half a novel. Threw it away. Because I’d made a wrong turn. And, man, you make a wrong turn and you just keep on that wrong turn and pretty soon you ‘ve got “that” much stuff that won’t work. The amateur — or the coward — or the non-writer — will try to keep it and make it work because he doesn’t want to have to throw it away and do all of that over again another way. The real artist — with no tear in his eye and no sadness in his heart — puts the pages in the fire. And does it again.

This is absolutely wonderful, wonderful stuff.


Harry Crews wikipedia entry
Harry Crews online bibliography

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  1. […] these interviews with writer Harry Crews via Mike Cane over at the eBook Test blog. As expected, Crews is salty, slightly insane, and yet spot on about a lot of things. Some […]

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