Boy Genius Report Misses Entire Point Of Android

Google Android Personal Thoughts

Some choice quotes:

There are so many fundamental issues with Android’s OS that still haven’t been addressed and it really makes my head spin.


Android doesn’t make sense as a whole.


For a company that’s so smart, and makes so much sense, it’s unbelievable how little sense Android makes in most places.


Seriously Google, you take no responsibility for the actual “experience” of this phone, yet you tout it as your tag line.

I turn your attention to two key lines from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand:

But there’s always a purpose in nonsense. Don’t bother to examine a folly–ask yourself only what it accomplishes.

I’ve asked that question. I’ve answered that question.

What none of you are getting is this: every single thing BGR points out about Android is deliberate.

Everyone is Google’s testbed. The biggest in all of recorded history.

There’s no real Android until the test is over and Google reins it all back under their own roof, their own hardware, their own sales outlet.

Google doesn’t want Android to be excellent. Because they’d lose future billions of dollars by having to share with partners.

There is no real Android today. Only the Android folly.


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5 Responses to Boy Genius Report Misses Entire Point Of Android

  1. iphonerulez says:

    I never looked at Android in that way. I’ve always thought that Android was just a trojan horse to deliver ads to millions of consumers especially in poverty-class nations. I never once thought that they were interested in developing a superb mobile platform. Suddenly pulling the platform away from partners would certainly cause an awful lot of backlash and make a lot of enemies in the industry and it would just fragment the Android platform even more. I wonder how long Google would use its partners for a testbed. A year or two? I would think the Feds would step in to prevent something like that if there were some contractual agreements with partners.

    I’ll have to give this aspect some thought, but right now I don’t see that scenario as likely. I only see Google possibly charging for services down the line but mobile ad revenue would seem to be the best bet for Google. If Apple changes direction, Google might have to follow and that could be a tough act to follow especially in the retail area. I’m going to keep a close watch on Google’s moves.

    • mikecane says:

      Ad revenues are peanuts compared to what Google’s grab is. And ad revenues are like the tides: they come in and pull back. Having people depend on hardware for the everyday necessity of accessing the Internet — that’s even bigger money.

  2. Mackan says:

    So you are saying that Google is the new Microsoft, screwing over their hardware partners?

    • mikecane says:

      In that the Nexus One is like what Microsoft did to it audio partners with the Zune, yes. Except phones are much more expensive to produce — and Google also has its sights set on killing all the cellphone companies too. Microsoft never looked to kill all the record companies.

  3. […] The other reason for the lack of a flood has to do with the uncertainty surrounding Android. The full Google Experience is only possible via licensing. And I don’t think anyone sees the sense in doing that. Why get a full Google Experience tablet right when Google has already shown it can jump in and do that itself any time — as it did with phones, with the Nexus One? […]

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