Another Reformed Hippie Decrying Hippedom

World Wide Mush

On the other hand, we made a huge mistake in making those contributions unpaid, and often anonymous, because those bad decisions robbed people of dignity. I am appalled that our old fantasies have become so entrenched that it’s hard to get anyone to remember that there are alternatives to a framework that isn’t working.

This guy got tons and tons of press over a decade ago.

Check your back issues of Wired magazine.

If I had told him back then that what he was advocating was suicidal bullshit that would bring down everyone, he would have laughed in my face.

But now that he has finally seen the light, he expects by virtue of his own revelation, everyone else will now wake up.

Yeah, right.

Welcome to your offspring laughing in your face now.

You made this shit. Now pay for it.

2 Responses to Another Reformed Hippie Decrying Hippedom

  1. David Crotty says:

    Give Lanier credit–unlike most of his contemporaries, he at least has figured things out, and did so a while ago:
    Better someone owning up to their mistakes than someone continuing to perpetuate them.

    • mikecane says:

      Ah, so this is a William Gibson Problem: The correction was made but hasn’t been evenly distributed.

      Thanks for letting me and everyone else know.

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