Desperate U.K. Newspapers Get Stupid

The Right to Link: the right to create, forward and follow links.

Why do we need a campaign to protect the right to link? Well moves are afoot in the marketplace that could lose us internet freedoms that we have taken for granted till now. Most of us aren’t even aware it’s happening.

This is absolutely stupid.

If UK newspapers think I’m going to land on their cloggy front pages when all I want to do is read one of their articles, they’ve got their heads stuffed up their bums.

As they withdraw from the Internet, I’ll see fewer and fewer of their items. Is that really what they want — fewer readers?

4 Responses to Desperate U.K. Newspapers Get Stupid

  1. MikeMc says:

    *Is that really what they want — fewer readers?*

    It’s a tough question. Do people, like you or me, who read only deep-linked articles actually generate any revenue? Seeing as I use adblocking software and their ads would be pretty much be U.K. centric and meaningless to me (even if I did see them)I’d say no. So really, what are they losing? Bandwidth sucking freeloaders? I doubt they’ll miss us much.

    • mikecane says:

      How do people find out what current events are in other countries? — via these sites. Without that resource, people will have to rely on rumors. Rumors are not good for any nation’s business — it kills tourism, for instance. If they want to do that, they should just leave the Internet entirely. The whole point here is linking.

      • MikeMc says:

        The thing is that these newspapers are for-profit enterprises. If they’re not turning a profit from the website as configured what’s the point? “Hard” news I can get from the taxpayer supported BBC but The Telegraph or The Times *have* to generate revenue from their readers to survive. If they fail to do so they will disappear both in print and online. If that happens the only things left for Google to aggregate will be state sponsored news outlets and bloggers and that’s a less than ideal situation. As for the “right to link” well, is there no “right to control the distribution of the content I created”?

        • mikecane says:

          Uh…. advertising rates — and they ALL do run ads — are based on the number of eyeballs being attracted to them. If I was an advertiser, I’d be crying foul. In fact, where ARE the advertisers on this issue? We are talking LINKS here, not wholesale copying/pasting of content.

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