Now Google Can’t Be Trusted To Be Google!

Google Blocking Negative Search Recommendations On Islam – Why?

They have devastating screensnaps. I’ve verified it myself.

And I also tried it out with another group:

And I tried some others…

Remember: Google wants all the books too!

Now do you still think they can be trusted?

And, Google, just for you, I found a loophole. This screensnap will never go away. Consider this a little kiss from me, you bastards:

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4 Responses to Now Google Can’t Be Trusted To Be Google!

  1. AJ says:

    Try it with “are” !
    “jews are”

    “martians are”

    “blacks are”

    “blues are”

    Google has a whole list of touchy groups, the question is, is the list determined by an algorithm ?

  2. Bink says:

    Good god, man; you apparently don’t know how suggestions work! All Google does is suggest what others have searched for. It can be pretty funny; check these out:

    can I get pregnant


    why can’t

    can I wax

    There’s no conspiracy here; it’s simply your fellow man being creative.

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