They Learned Something Everyone Needs To Know

Read this carefully.

IROSF Suspending Publication

Thu, December 31, 2009 (04:49 AM)

Seattle, WA, 12/30/2009 – After six years of publication the Internet Review of Science Fiction ( will cease operations after the February, 2010 issue. Publisher L Blunt “Bluejack” Jackson and Editor Stacey Janssen expressed their gratitude to all the subscribers, contributors, authors, and especially the volunteers who made IROSF such a success since its first issue in January, 2004.

Continuous financial shortfalls added to the challenges of publishing IROSF, and Jackson has expressed his intent to turn to new challenges related to the economy and logistics of Internet publishing. “What we learned with IROSF and AEon Speculative Fiction was that neither traditional nor community-driven economic models met our needs, and that the complexity of managing a distributed volunteer pool burned people out, despite a steady increase in revenue and readership. Our plan is to use this knowledge, and the ready availability of new distribution channels, to create the kind of environment that would have empowered the editors to achieve the success that IROSF’s superb content always deserved.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I’ve heard various models proposed for publishing’s future. It seems like they’ve tried one of them — and it failed.

Someone clever needs to go bathe them in some money so they will tell the tale and save everyone else what could prove to be a very expensive wasted effort.

— thanks to @johnottinger

3 Responses to They Learned Something Everyone Needs To Know

  1. This is really interesting and really timely. But as a struggling author and independent Book Layout out and Designer (also struggling) how can I apply this in my life? How do I use this information to help build a successful model?

  2. I think the real emphasis is here:

    “[the] complexity of managing a distributed volunteer pool burned people out”

    I think that betrays there real frustrations rather than any commentary about “economic models” which have likely worked in other cases.

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