Seth Godin: No Power Buyers Equals Death

It’s not the rats you need to worry about

Even though his posts are short, I don’t read Seth Godin because I think most of the time he’s full of it. Not his fault. He’s a marketeer. They’re paid to be full of it. And then to convince us we should be full of it too. The “full of it” being whatever it is they’re pimping.

The above post, however, is absolutely breathtakingly and spectacularly correct.

It caused me to coin the term “power buyer” for the type of customer he’s talking about.

These are people who want what they want when they want it and are willing to pay for it.

These are the people who see the value in the things they purchase.

As opposed to most of the louts on the Net who think everything “wants” to (read: should) be free.

Which group of people can help you pay your rent and buy your food? The first or the second?

When you lose that first group of people, you’re at the mercy of the second.

And then you go out of business.

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