The First Round Of COLOR eBook Devices Are Coming

First up is Aiptek, a purveyor of budget-priced items.

They will debut the Story Book inColor at CES next month. A color digital book reading device for children that features an eight-inch color LCD screen and twenty “illustrated audio stories” built in. Price is unknown. The digital books — forty of which are listed on their site — have a US$4.99 price.

Full device specs and a video after the break.

The second company doesn’t even have a website and has the very strange name of Paradigm Shift Sourcing and Manufacturing and will also debut at CES next month.

According to the originating article in TWICE, there will be a five-inch model running an unknown OS for an MSRP of US$150.00 and a seven-inch model running WindowsCE for an MSRP of US$200.00. The first will do DRM-free ePub while the second has an “option” for DRMed ePub. As seems to be the case with all recent devices running WindowsCE, the ability to use Microsoft’s own gorgeous LIT-format eBooks is not mentioned.

No other details — such as CPU, its speed, and screen resolution — are available.

This second one has the appearance of several recent Chinese devices that have been floating around under various guises. Reliability and longevity of these devices is questionable, if not outright suspect.

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