Enough eInk/ePaper/eCrap eBook Devices!

One of several new videos at YouTube had this frightening image in it:

Mustek might jump in?

The world really does not need yet another damned eCrap eBook device.

2 Responses to Enough eInk/ePaper/eCrap eBook Devices!

  1. URInsane says:

    I’m confused. So are you FOR or AGAINST e-books. I can’t figure it out. You seem sorta pissed at everything e-book out there. I mean, it’s a paradigm shift, so there is a lot of newness and weird issues that no one thought of. But it will become easier.

    But again, exactly what is your gripe here? Cost of ebook readers? Idea of ebook readers? I’m not being sarcastic, I really don’t know what you mean…

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