iSlate Trademark Hints At Full OS X!

In the Good and Services section of the trademark filing, there are these very, very interesting claims.

Let’s take them in order of appearance:

IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S:
Computers; computer software, namely, database management software, electronic mail and messaging software, Internet browser software, paging software, database synchronization software, software for accessing, browsing and searching online databases,

So far, that’s more or less what the iPhone does.

Here is where it gets interesting:

software for creating spreadsheets, tables, graphs and charts, software for organizing and analyzing data, software for word processing, software for creation and display of presentations including text and graphics, software used for image editing, image processing, image acquisition, image file management, image viewing, image sharing, and the creation of documents incorporating images, software for use in developing websites, software to help users create, edit, organize, search, transfer, publish and subscribe to weblogs, blogs, podcasts, web broadcasts and news and information feeds on global and/or local computer and telecommunications networks,

That is a description of iWork!

But Apple could create a scaled-down version of iWork for iPhone OS.

More iPhone-like capabilities:

software for use in authoring, downloading, transmitting, receiving, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, playing, storing and organizing audio, video and still images, software for authoring digital content, software for personal information management,

So here is where the possibility of full OS X running comes in:

software for DVD authoring,

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

DVD authoring is not something I think is possible with iPhone OS — probably not even iPhone OS 4.0! This smells like full OS X to me. That’s iDVD! And that takes some CPU muscle to run!

More iPhone capabilities:

software for the electronic storage and retrieval of electronic calendar files, software with clock and alarm clock functionality, telephony management software, character recognition software, application development tool software for personal and handheld computers, software for the redirection of messages, Internet e-mail, and/or other data to one or more electronic handheld devices from a data store on or associated with a personal computer or a server, and software for the synchronization of data between a remote station or device and a fixed or remote station or device; computer operating system software; computer utility software; computer peripherals.

And then a catch-all for the trademark:

notebook computers; laptop computers; tablet computers; computer servers; handheld computers; mobile computers; hard drives; audio speakers; speakers for computers; radios; cameras; video cameras; telephones; mobile telephones; personal digital assistants; electronic personal organizers; electronic notepads; blank magnetic data carriers; computer gaming machines; microprocessors; memory boards; computer monitors; keyboards; computer input devices, namely, touch screens, styluses, mice, trackballs and shuttle dials; computer cables; modems; printers; computer accessories, namely, computer battery chargers, battery packs, docking stations, adaptors, computer wired and wireless remote controls, audio headphones and earphones, and replacement parts for all the aforesaid goods

In the months I’ve been through the USPTO’s TESS database, I’ve read thousands of filings. I’ve seen trademarks that encompass virtually every possible use. One trademark, for a cartoon character, even included fish bait in its Goods and Services section!

So trademark applications tend to sometimes encompass as many different use scenarios as possible.

This iSlate trademark could include DVD authoring not as an immediate use case — but as a future one.

Still, it makes you wonder why DVD authoring would be put in there.

The more I think about this trademark, the more convinced I am that it is indeed for Apple under a covert filing.

And given DVD authoring in there, could we be looking at an iSlate that runs full OS X?

Miscellanea: Someone already has an iSlate blog on WordPress. I snagged the iSlate Reader domain at WordPress.

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