Misfits: What You’ll Never See On American TV

As I said in a prior post, I have people who alert me to things that pop up on TV in England.

This time I got a rogue recommendation from @ghostfinder who swears up and down that I first recommended this to him — even though I swear I’ve never seen it before.

It’s a six-episode series called Misfits. It’s recently finished running on a pay-TV channel called E4.

After the break, the reveal.

Some young criminals are to do some community service work.

Five of them are caught outside in a storm from Hell …

… which rains down tremendous hail.

The five of them are struck …

… by lightning.

And three of them are revealed to have developed extraordinary powers. I won’t spoil what they are.

No, that’s not her special power. And your mind isn’t dirty. She is dramatizing exactly what you think.

Within the first five minutes, someone is called a “fucking pussy.” There are more than five instances of “fucking” used in the hour too.

Some of the dialogue:

“You call me a chav one more time, I’ll kick you in the cunt so hard your mom will feel it!”

“I’m so hot for you! I’m want to rip your clothes off and piss on your tits!”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to piss on her tits? Probably best to keep that between yourself and your Internet Service Provider!”

“There’s no going back now, man. You’re just as screwed as the rest of us. …

“… You’re black and famous — you’re probably more screwed!”

I don’t know where this is going. But I’ve got five more episodes to watch.

It is hugely bizarre. And funny. And they all act like real people.

I need to see what happens.

Here in America, NBC once aired an awful series called Misfits of Science. Here is its opening:

And this is how the British do things:

Just based on the openings, I know which one I’d rather watch.

If you want to also, get over to, ahem, YouTube. Quickly.

One Response to Misfits: What You’ll Never See On American TV

  1. Martin says:

    One small correction. E4 is not pay TV: it’s free-to-air. I watch it on Freeview (digital terrestrial TV), but it’s also available free to satellite and cable viewers.

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