FREE Digital Book: One Strange Way #1

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One Strange Way is a motion comic digital book that runs on Adobe AIR.

It’s seventy-six panels of motion with an ominous score and read-along voice acting.

Some screensnaps:

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Click = big

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At first, I thought this was very intense to be aimed at kids. Then I recalled some of the things I used to watch on TV as a kid that were condemned by the bluenoses at the (thank god now-defunct) Action for Children’s Television (ACT).

A lot of work went into this. Aside from the main story itself, which you can let run its course with no interaction at all, there are opportunities to get into a side story as well as to play games.

I have quibbles about the lack of interface elements for panel time duration and book length, but this is still a pioneering effort.

If you want glimpse into the future, begin here.

Get it free for a limited time at the Bernal Media website.

Previously here:

One Strange Way … Is Strange

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