Notion Ink’s Killer Android OS Mini-Tablet

Slashgear gets all the great info.

Notion Ink Tegra Android smartpad uses Pixel Qi display

This is the bit that should make everyone drool first:

Perhaps most importantly for a web-browsing tablet, battery life estimates are impressive. Notion Ink reckon the smartpad will be good for up to 48hrs standby on its integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 8hrs of HD video playback and 16hrs of internet surfing over WiFi. It seems it’s the eight-core Tegra T20 chipset that’s primarily responsible for such longevity, though Notion Ink can’t share any more details on that SoC itself. Meanwhile media playback isn’t sacrificed, and Notion Ink have apparently played three 1080p HD videos simultaneously with only a small loss in frames.

That is horsepower!

My current desktop PC can’t play one 1080 video — it can barely do standard YouTube most days.

This thing would wipe the floor with my desktop — and I could carry it around with me!

Now the bit that’s primarily eBook-related: it has the Pixel Qi screen!

There’s a not-so-good sample photo there. I went and swiped this very impressive photo from Pixel Qi’s blog, showing their screen next to a Kindle:

Click = ginormous (4000×3000)

There are other sample comparison photos at the Pixel Qi blog here.

And again, Pixel Qi will be in dedicated electronic reading devices too:

While we are supplying screens for tablets (and ebooks, and netbooks too!) and are starting production shortly, including supplying limited volumes earlier than our official mass production start – we can’t say when these products will be announced and sold retail.

Sorry not to be able to reveal more, but our customers: the netbook, ebook and tablet makers really need to announce their products on their schedules.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

And yes, that mini-tablet flood is ramping up:

We can now announce that the first units are going into specialized tablet devices with multi-touch. Increasingly these screens will be super-slim, but some customers prefer the standard thickness.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Tangentally, people are now passing around rumors of the Pixel Qi screen being in the upcoming Apple iTablet. Welcome to July 2008 in my world: Will Apple Use A Pixel Qi Screen?

One personal note here. Google has become just about unusable. Gamed by SEOs to pimp splogs and other seedy clients, I never saw this very significant blog post from back in June!

And this is how the world is changed!

Last 4 days has been like a dream!

Signed 4 collaborations in 4 days. Pixel Qi, Inventec, Foxconn and Compalcomm in sequence.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I would have been able to report at least one known Pixel Qi collaborator months ago!

In about a month from now, all those crappy eInk devices — Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, Cooler, Astak, BeBook, Cybook, et al — will look like antiques they actually already are.

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