Carolyn Reidy: Too Little, Too Late, Too Clueless

Carolyn Reidy’s Two Worlds

“We must do everything in our power to uphold the value of our content against the downward pressures exerted by the marketplace and the perception that “digital” means “cheap.”

Um…. doesn’t “marketplace” equal your ultimate customers?

You know, these pesky beings called readers?

As for “digital” meaning “cheap,” hey, thank the ePub pushers for that!

And also developers for the iPhone spinning out 99-cent apps. You know, that’s “digital” stuff that can actually do things.

I sit here really amazed as again and again I’m told that print book publishers see wholesalers, distributors, and bookstores as their customers — not readers.

This is like Detroit saying its customers are only auto dealers.

This is like Hollywood saying it only sells its product to theaters or TV channels.

This is like Motown saying it created only for radio stations.

Listen, even comic books woke up and starting offering by-mail subscriptions at one point! That came too late for a variety of factors.

And right now, it’s five minutes to midnight in book publishing.

When that clock strikes midnight, you will become an industry that is only a shadow of what it once was, a malnourished version of your current smug, self-entitled, pompous obesity.

The only hope the corporate parents of these backward-child subsidiaries have is to kick out the top level and put in people who see publishing as an information engine.

Bring in tech people to run things.

The editors and all the rest can remain, doing the things they do.

But all of those people are currently destined to lose their jobs due to the inept leadership at the top.

Leaders such as Carolyn Reidy.

Her time is up.

Get rid of her before it strikes midnight.

Tick. Tick. TICK!

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