The Apple iTablet Is NOT A Horsey, FFS!

In 115 Magazine and Media Predictions for 2010, Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said this:

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Unicorn?! The Apple iTablet is not a frikkin horsey!

Who has slandered the iTablet thusly that it has stuck?

It’s her!

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In this post:

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It’s not a horsey! You want a unicorn?

Now this is a unicorn:

And he’s coming to rock your sense of entitlement, print publishing!

5 Responses to The Apple iTablet Is NOT A Horsey, FFS!

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  2. Ridley says:

    If it retails at $500+, I don’t see why the Apple tablet would be a player in publishing unless it’s powerful enough for people to replace laptops with it. In that case, I doubt it’d be less than $1k, and that’s a steep price for people to go out and replace existing technology at.

    • mikecane says:

      People forget the iPhone debuted at $600. And there were mobs for it. The 8GB iPod Touch is $199. It wasn’t always that. Prices drop. This is the way of technology. And we still don’t know if this will also be sold via cellphone carriers and have a subsidy. Whatever its debut price, it will be more powerful and cheaper two years from now. While you focus on today, everyone else is looking 2-5 years out.

  3. barbara says:

    @mikecane I just chocked on a peppermint and giggled so much I had to explain myself to the grad student.

    What do you have against unicorns? Looking forward to your interaction with an actual itablet.

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