Sony’s Howard Stringer’s Ongoing Delusions

News Corp. to Sell Subscriptions on Sony Reader

Oh my god. Howard Stringer, blithely leading Sony to its destruction, actually said this:

We feel we’re riding to the rescue of news.

I sit here stunned, wondering what words my fingers will conjure up as my brain tries to parse the absolute imbecility and naivete of that statement.

This is a man who apparently never knew that Sony even had an eBook device until after Amazon swept headlines with its Kindle: What’s Going On With Sony And Its Reader? And even after that, his focus was OLED TV screens for the Wall Street Set!

Now, with all parts of Sony tanking, he grabs onto the Reader as his liferaft! And even here the guy can’t keep focus!

We’re all working on new things. We’re all working on color. You’ve seen our demos of flexible color displays that wrap around your arm.

Wait. What? Your Vision, Howard Stringer, is for people to wear eBook devices like a Nazi armband?!

But wait! There’s more! Howard Stringer’s well of stupidity goes even deeper!

Sony’s Stringer says e-reader to stay a book device

“The consumer will tell us if this format [the Axis of E: eInk, ePub, eBook] is comfortable and helpful and convenient and all those things before you start plowing on a thousand apps,” or making the “Vaio Reader” Stringer said on the sidelines of a press conference in New York on Thursday.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

“Comfortable?” And what is “all those things”?!!?

This guy, does he even try to fight to win?

“I think there is plenty of audience to go around,” he said. “I think it will be interesting to see if this is the reader of choice, particularly for older audiences who don’t need a million other applications. There is a whole generation that may learn to love this. We might as well let them find out.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

You think Steve Jobs or the droids at Google sit around thinking, “Ah, what the hell, there’s enough for everybody?”

Hell no!

Yet Howard Stringer, who is leading a global corporation that is nearly on its deathbed with each quarterly report of losses, sits back like some endlessly-wealthy benevolent monarch bestowing indulgences upon the peasantry!

I love this bit, though: “particularly for older audiences.” Thanks for confirming what I’ve said it is, Howard: ePub For Seniors!

And what in the entire history of business does this mean?

There is a whole generation that may learn to love this.

Does this guy even attempt to make any sense when words spill out of his yap?

“Learn to love it?” What the hell does that mean?

Do you mean being cheated out of covers and no thumbnails of covers? An no index? And even eBooks going missing? Do you even know about any of this?

Hey, Stringer, there is a nimble little company out there called Asus. Ever hear of them? They nearly destroyed your subnotebook market. Oh wait. I’m wrong. They didn’t nearly destroy it. They murdered it!

And they are coming for your ePub For Seniors Sony Reader next, pal.

What are you going to grab as your next liferaft?

I hope it’s a plane ticket out of Tokyo. You can blither away at the roses in your English garden. They won’t care that you don’t make any sense when you open your mouth.

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