Disney Doing Digital Comics

This is very strange.

A blog post back in July of this year covered it first: Disney comics going mobile with Disney DigiComics

Today, Bloomberg came out with this: Disney to Sell Digital Comics on IPhone, Other Devices

Dec. 15 (Bloomberg) — Walt Disney Co., the world’s largest media company, will start selling comics to users of Apple Inc.’s iPhone and other devices tomorrow to take advantage of increased demand for digital content.

The original timeframe was a September release, so perhaps it took longer than they expected to launch?

What was confusing for me is a pimpage video over at Adobe’s site

… in which the creators of this tout Adobe’s Flash Lite — which does not run on the iPhone.

So… my thinking is that a variety of factors contributed to a delay, one of which had to be the creation of a special app just for the iPhone.

Which will probably make it superior to what other phones will have because just look at this:

Check out what I’ve highlighted in yellow. If the product works like that on phones other than the iPhone, it looks like each panel is a download!

That pimpage video is worth a viewing. The philosophy behind this is that they have designed for mobility first, instead of the web. They did not want to do the web first and then have to figure out how to shrink that experience for mobility. This is the opposite of the other Disney digital book initiative.

They also specifically mention that they don’t believe the digital version will cannibalize print sales.

If the Bloomberg story is correct, Disney Digicomics will be available in the App Store tomorrow.

Leave a Comment if you buy one.

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