HTC Evolve: 10″ Android-Powered Tablet

Oh, just look at this:

Click = big

And this:

Click = big

Is it real?

This is the Project information:

Click = big

Ah, so no, it is not real.

Still, it was exciting to look at, wasn’t it?

And it shows that not every tablet has to be a dull-looking slab.

See more at Timur Pinar’s portfolio at the Behance Network.

2 Responses to HTC Evolve: 10″ Android-Powered Tablet

  1. Constable Odo says:

    Nice looking tablet. I wouldn’t mind having one of those if it has the Apple logo on it and runs every single app in the App Store. That tapered bezel might be a bitch to hold onto with a thumb. I’d think it would have the tendency to slide from a thumb’s grasp regardless of how much pressure you applied. You really want to get a firm grip on a such an expensive device. I’m sure that bezel would have to be modified.

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