4 Responses to How Book Publishing Will Lose: eBooks Vs. Smart Digital Books

  1. I’m sorry, I realize you are done with this topic, but DAH-YUM! this article was a master-stroke. Absolutely brilliant. For the traditional publishing house to survive, there needs to be a proper separation of concerns between writer and publisher. For published writers and self-published writers to come to the same table adn talk, for published writers to leave their stable and realize the benefits of self-publishing… there must be a proper separation of concerns between writer and publisher. Thank you so much for writing this.

  2. What a nice piece! Publishers seem can’t go beyond their existing thinking model or paradigm. They don’t want to understand that a new publishing model is essential for them to survive. How poor they are!

  3. […] of turning pages or sniffing ink. It’s about entertainment, period. I’m not talking about multi-media digital books here–just the entertainment we avid readers derive from reading in and of itself. The joy of […]

  4. […] oder sich auf andere Weise Zugang zu dem verschaffen, was ihnen willkürlich vorenthalten wird. Mike Cane verdeutlicht, dass die digitale Verweigerungshaltung schon in der Vergangenheit nach hinten […]

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