When I Was A Kid …

… well, I wasn’t that much of as kid. I saw the movie of Fahrenheit 451 when I was still in my teens.

On a black and white TV.

And I thought this was so cool:

I wanted a TV that big sooooo much.

Now I live in a world in which they exist.

And I won’t buy one or even take one for free.

4 Responses to When I Was A Kid …

  1. barbara says:

    Why not? Granted most tv is crap…there is still some good stuff out there. And, IMHO, movies are better on a bigger screen.

  2. Sean says:

    I have 5 of those puppies, and a 10′ screen in my theater.

    But I’m compensating. :o)

  3. jim says:

    yeh i saw that movie too, except it was like this year.. i couldnt believed that the movie was filmed in 1960 and they had such a mofo** big screen.. amazed me how they had such massive screens those days.. even my tv now is only as big as that.

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