Oh Give It Up. Steve Jobs Wins.

New Digital Publishing Venture Boasts Access To 144 Million-Plus Audience; Squires Talks

Four key goals: The venture has four key goals initially:

—Be ready for full-color devices with an application that renders publications “in beautiful form” and in “recognizable” form.

—Develop a platform that can enable that across multiple devices, operating systems and screens.

—Develop a common digital storefront where consumers can easily make purchases and get universal access on any device as they buy digital products from their publisher.

—Work with advertisers to co-develop new advertising forms that Squires expects will be more immersive with the power of digital delivery. “This has the potential to be a new and vastly important branding medium for advertisers, particularly with larger screen devices.”

Um…. this bit?

—Develop a platform that can enable that across multiple devices, operating systems and screens.

That bit is called The Internet.

Baker & Taylor has the next big thing in ebooks. Really!

If the ebook rendering and toolkit put to shame everything that has been done so far (and they do), the same is true of the retailing presentation. The virtual books look look like physical books on a shelf. They have spines. You click on one and pull it down, rotate it, open it, and flip through the pages. Unless you’re on a PC and want to look at 50 pages at once, that is.

If what I saw on Gagnon’s computer is matched in the actual platform launch, I’ll be shopping and reading on this platform on my iPhone starting immediately.

This is strangely sparse of, you know, actual technical details.

And this:

B&T’s Blio system is raising the bar for all of them by combining simple authoring tools with a delivery platform that enables enhanced editions.

What he has just described is iTunes, the iTablet, and Pages.

And this:

It won’t take long before many books, and, one would assume, all books that have large audiences will be available in something far more interesting than just a digital rendering of what appeared in print.

Yeah, well, welcome to several months ago. Glad you caught up.

But neither of these matter.

The only thing that matters is what Apple does. Period.

There are over sixty million of the iPhone and iPod Touch out there. The iTablet will sell over a million in its first year, even if it’s a whopping US$800.00.

That is the digital book platform. Nothing else.

Aside from asking, What will Apple do? The other question is, Will Apple provide a Windows-compatible digital book reading program?

Do you see how long it took Amazon to provide its desktop reader?

Apple will have iTablets to sell — just as Amazon had Kindles to sell.

Steve Jobs, again, knows how to win:

Do any of you?

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2 Responses to Oh Give It Up. Steve Jobs Wins.

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  2. Sean says:

    When you look at the current offerings in ebook readers it is clear to say Apple will blow them all away. Not one even comes close to the rich multimedia Books, Albums, Magazines and Texts Apple will have developers scrambling to build. I saw the Sports Illustrated Magazine demo, and that is the future Apple and others are currently building behind the scenes as we speak.

    But you already know all of this. :o)

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