CrunchPad Dead, Droid Collapsing?

The End Of The CrunchPad

The CrunchPad was a highly-anticipated device that even I was looking forward to. Now the shockingly amateurish story of its collapse and burn is revealed. I’m not sure I buy the entire tale, either. Arrington is an attorney — and this can happen to him?

Droid Doesn’t: It’s Not Ready For Prime Time
My Droid decision

Two tales that reaffirm my commitment to Never Buying First. After all the jillions of words of praise about the Motorola/Verizon Droid, two people have decided to ditch it based on software and hardware.

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3 Responses to CrunchPad Dead, Droid Collapsing?

  1. AllRise says:

    TechCrunch VS. Fusion Garage is now online at the AllRise court. Join the debate and cast your vote –

  2. razorgoto says:

    “Never Buying First?”

    Mike, you own an Archos Android Tablet.
    I think that is pretty bleeding edge to me.

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