For Writers Only

Don’t Sell Out To Fit In

Your problem is not that you cannot live up to the standard you have chosen; your problem is that you cannot live up to a standard others have chosen for you.

I went through Mike Cane 2008 and finally assembled all the links to posts about writing. Some day I will do that for the original Mike Cane’s Blog too.

I’ve added two outside links at the end.

But It’s Still A Fine Madness
How Writers Write Writing #2
Listen Only To The Muse, Writers!
How Writers Write Writing
Quote: Writer Stephen King
Why I Love Asian Movies 2
It Will Make You Breathless
Why Not Be A Writer?
Writer Matthew Gallagher: Jump On It!
Writer K.A. Bedford: When The Baby Dies
Writer Cliff Burns: The Fear Of All Fears
J.K. Rowling: Harvard Commencement Speech
Today’s Laugh
Writer Cliff Burns Has The Fever
Takiji Kobayashi: Writer’s Revenge
Quote: Writer Neal Stephenson
Some People Ignore Hints
Today’s Advice For Writers
My Stomach Curled Up On Me Reading This
Writer Paul Auster: Early Failure
Quote: Michelle Gagnon
Charles Bukowski: Outsider, Writer, Poet
Someone Doesn’t See Writers As Artists
Rare Behind The Scenes Of Major Book
Writer 2.0: Realize Your Investment
Quote: Matt Fraction
Quote: Jeff Jarvis
Writer 2.0: This Might Be 3.0!
Another Great Post About Publishing
Two Excellent Posts For Writers
Quote: Seth Godin
All Writers Must Read This!
Suit Bastard Print Publishers NAILED!
Quote: Jim
Think You Can Write? Then Read This!
They Don’t Have It
Quote: Rod Serling
Quote: Rob May
Doctor Who: Midnight
Quote: Warren Ellis (Again)
Writers Don’t Fear The Future: Publishers Do!
The Lesson Of Apple Isn’t New, But It Works
Quote: Jean Rhys
Harlan Ellison (Again)
I’m Infecting You
Self-Confidence Vs. Self-Delusion
Why I Love Asian Movies
Seeds, By Sherwood Anderson
Iain Banks Interviewed
Edgar, The Fount
Harlan Ellison
Bukowski Also Said It
Why Don’t More People Read?
Never Ask
It’s Not For You To Know, So Don’t Ask
J.K. Rowling: A Year In The Life
Writers: Laugh Last, Laugh Best

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