Three FREE eBooks By Writer James Hadley Chase

This is really big! He’s mostly out of print, forgotten by most of publishing (except for Harlequin), and readers like me are frustrated by not being able to read everything he wrote.

Yesterday, via olympiapress on Twitter, I learned there are three eBook editions of James Hadley Chase for free — including the epic one that is immortal:


This novel is cited again and again in reference works about noir, crime fiction, and outsider writers. I’ve never had a chance to read it because it’s been out of print. Now I will!

Run over to here and grab all three free eBooks!


Writer James Hadley Chase tribute site
Book Cover: What?!

77 Responses to Three FREE eBooks By Writer James Hadley Chase

  1. Adams makida says:

    I love it

  2. simeon sinkala says:

    great he was.thanks for keeping his work alive.

  3. samson ilori says:

    James Hadley chase has been my favorite author whose book i have not been able to lay my hands on in recent time. Thanks for making his work available.

  4. Nosa Aikhionbare says:

    Thanks for the info on the free books. I have been searching for any of the titles for a while now. You made my day. Do you know where to get the other titles? I love those novels. Thanks once again.

  5. mike kimani says:

    This are best novels I evsr read

  6. Peter Angelica says:

    One of my favorite writers, and seriously under-rated. He reminds me a bit of Lee Childs.

  7. Mccarthy says:

    James Hadley Chase is the best writer ever lived, One of the best novel I read in my life is from James Hadley Chase (The world in my pocket) And there haven never been anything like it ever.

  8. Leonard Linyenga says:

    I loved Chase’s novels, they were great, very exceptional. Its sad that they are out of print, they are not even found where one would expect oldies like those selling. I will still be chancing them.

  9. Indunil Galagedera says:

    I love his books. when I started to read I am unable to pur it aside.
    I hope I could read all his books.

  10. James Hadley Chase is one best author I have ever come across. His work has influenced my speaking and writing pattern.

  11. Mayur Parikh says:

    Can I get ebook through email, please.
    Thnx & rgds,
    Mayur P

  12. Rana says:

    He is a great author. I love his stories. I have most of his novels in hard copy. My dad started the collection in late 70’s and I took over in the 90’s. Now i hunt in the almost extinct used book stores and occasionally find a copy i haven’t read.
    I guess it is time for me to re-read them again in the e-book format.

  13. Nkopitem Jimmy says:

    I love his books. They inspired me. He’s my true role model.

  14. pradeep says:

    James Hadley Chase may have been a writer of pulp but his works are iconic and have grabbed the attention of millions, and rightly so.
    In the day and age before the internet and computers he ruled the roost.

  15. Ejiogu Chinenye says:

    James hadley Chase is a GENIUS! He has definitely changed my way of thinking for the better

  16. Holly f sajo says:

    James hadley is a known and sprio writer, and he has been my mentor the moment i saw my self reading his write-up

  17. Tashya Bima says:

    James is one of my favorite writers. He really inspires many.

  18. A Kassam says:

    I am reading all these books all over again after 20 yrs and am loving it,

  19. Moses says:

    It’s mind blowing, full of suspence.

  20. Tnx 2 technology i was able 2 reed about James hadly chase, & tnx 2 u 2.

  21. Donald emmanuel m. says:

    Like to be updated on james work. Am asparing to be a writer of novel.

  22. Bashir Nasir Usman says:

    This is really awesome, thanks a lot.

  23. TG venkatesh says:

    chase novels are simple in understanding . you can see perfect gauge for human feeling s,instincts in all of his characters
    T G venkatesh,tumkur,India

  24. Moalusi P Moeketsi says:

    I read about 40 of his novels between 1977 – 1986. I still have to read any author who’ll put me in their novel like I’m in a theatre watching a movie the way JHC did to me. It’s a pity I can’t find any of his books anywhere anymore.

  25. Itse james says:

    I like James Hadley Chase novels but he make it too romantic.

  26. LSH says:

    Every Chase book I’ve read had been really exciting.It simply is the best series of novels i’ve ever read.

  27. Oluwa Akintunde says:

    James Hardley Chase was one of the best crime writers I’ve ever known. His writings defined him. For those who hasn’t read his books; please do. You’ll enjoy every letter.

  28. Mohamed Brek Mohamed says:

    I enjoyed a lot reading James Hadley Chase books. I total read more than 50 books of James Hadley Chase !

  29. peter says:

    JHC was simply the best crime fiction writer of all time.

  30. JOSEPH G KAMITHA says:

    fond memories of like real true characters eg girland, malick, silk etc still lingers into my mind over 35yrs ago.oh,i miss…

  31. Patrick says:

    If you have the chance to read any of his books, do not miss it for the world

  32. Ogu Charles Okwudili says:

    I will give a kidney for any of his book, no one can tell it better for me

  33. dave nwanevu says:

    he knows how to make his readers hastily fliping thru the pages voraciously wanting to know what’s next. he was a genius
    . love his books.

  34. larry says:

    Am currentyl residing in south africa,I went round looking for my favourite novel with no avail,but am happy to see that u can keep we the laeders of james harsley novel alive by still publishing his work,am sendind a very big SHOUT out to YOU guys,keep it up

  35. Christopher alexander ambi says:

    I like all about u?

  36. Iroh Collins says:

    l love this book, The world in my pocket. It was my first book from Hardly Chase and ever then, l have never look back. I have read over 20 books from one of the greatest writer of all time. You are the best.

  37. siboniyo theophile says:

    Am now 51years,my first Novel i read by JHC,was” A Vulture is a Patient bird” and that was 1978,ever since i’ve read more than 60Novels of his! today i have began to read them again,They make me feel so young again! That man was fantastic !any descendant of His?

  38. joseph i. says:

    best novel in the crime fiction history.

  39. Kabiru bala says:

    Is being a pleasure reading james books

  40. Oluwa Akintunde says:

    James hardly chase novels is my family novels. It great keeping the novels alive. Thumb up!

  41. stephe says:

    I can leave any book apart from the Bible to read James Hardley Chase!!!!!!!

  42. Hysen says:

    i am a book junkie because of the great man JHC.Somebody pls send me the e-copies if available.

  43. billal says:

  44. George says:

    One of the many writers that keep me reading always

  45. Vivek narain says:

    The depth of chase’s pragmatism is an upgrade to Solomon’s wisdom.the most under rated author of all times.

  46. Rotimi says:

    I have read a few of his books,wave a wand,consider yourself dead,A sucker punch and more.He was a great writer.I have not read any other novel like his.Pls make all his books available on ebook

  47. Maggie says:

    I like james Hardly Chase novels especialy Knock knock who’s there?

  48. BalaBello says:

    Chase is the best writer ever! I have read more than 60 of his books and would really love to them all over again and again. ! BalaBello

  49. TERYIMA KON says:

    JHC Has been my favourite author since my school days. I have some of his titles on my shelve. Thanks to those keeping his work alive.

  50. syed saleem says:

    Have you read his book VULTURE IS A PATIENT BIRD?I read it 30 years ago and still remember the story and plot.try to read if you get a copy. s.a.saleem hyderabad,india.

  51. Ravi says:

    It gives me pleasure to read

  52. Karim Oshomah says:

    James Hardly Chase, has remain one of my best cherish and author I have ever come across

  53. Perum says:


  54. Richard says:

    Please I will love to have my copy but am in turkey and it’s not sold here due to language Barrie am also in love with his books please is an addict just help me get it I can pay its ok

  55. zidane says:

    i like the novel well well

  56. dare daramola says:

    I guess I might have to read them,again

  57. Frank Mzenge says:

    read most of his book from 1975 to 1980’s then lost touch, where can I buy them.frank ,mombasa ,kenya

  58. Avan N. Cooverji says:

    James Hadley Chase is unbeatable. Have read many of his books time and time again. Wish I could get all his books to read. Just cannot put his books down once started. He is SIMPLY THE BEST.

  59. Mahmud Abubakar says:

    I hv started off wit “U find him ll fix him”, JHC remain the best Author of all time

  60. Ahmed Guled says:

    James Hadley Chase is my favorite author, best novels I have ever read were the James’s Titles. and my interest of reading never ends

  61. Ahmed Guled says:

    James Hadley Chase is my favorite Author since early days of my schooling.and I never forget the endless interest of James’ Titles.

  62. Innocent Michael says:

    Lovely readings always. It has always been my best ever. great job.

  63. chase made my day back in the seventies says:

    f mzenge from kenya:

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