Go Buy Winterland By Alan Glynn!


Winterland publisher website

Alan Glynn’s first novel, The Dark Fields, came out in 2002.

Close to eight long years later, Winterland will be his second — and it will be out in February 2010.

I’ve read The Dark Fields twice. I should do it a third time. It’s one of those rare books that sticks in your mind and has to be re-read.

Winterland will probably be just like that. Go buy it and find out.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t pimp a book so far in advance, but Barnes & Noble is offering it at near one-third off as a pre-order.

Click = big

Think of this: If you pre-order it today, you get a great price. And in February, a package will arrive at your door unexpectedly — because you will have forgotten it by then. It will be very happy surprise!

The Dark Fields is out-of-print right now. But it’ll be back next year as a tie-in to the upcoming movie.

Meanwhile, buy Winterland.

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