Quote Of The Day: Guy LeCharles Gonzalez


In response to the question from Kat Meyer about reaction from the mass of poets to the newly-launched Poetry Speaks.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez website

4 Responses to Quote Of The Day: Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

  1. You ever read Bukowski’s Rape of the Holy Mother? One of my all-time favorites: http://bit.ly/2iCXpC (scroll down)

  2. jenn topper says:

    thanks for pointing out guy’s great quote and for guy’s pointing me to juliaintherye–wow, to “do” art in houston, texas, that’s a sisyphean task.

    i also had no idea about bukowski’s poem, so again, thanks for pointing it out.

    one thing you could point out for me, on the topic of poetry, is, well, poetry. i just don’t get it. apart from maybe ode to a grecian urn, or the rest of the romanticists (clearly old guys smoking the ganga in the old country and tripping out on the sublime landscape), i can’t get my head around it because my religion is prose. but it seems odder than ever to have a traditional approach to poetry, since it–more than any other writing–doesn’t subscribe to the structuralism that i would think it does. but that’s because i’m not on the inside curve with poetry.

    thanks again

    • Poetry is so much bigger than the “traditional” poems and poets most people are familiar with. Check out a poetry slam in the City some day if you want to sample a variety of different styles in one place. Or check out poetryspeaks.com, the newly launched site that sparked Friday’s discussion.

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