Android OS/Archos 5 Internet Tablet Notes For Monday November 2, 2009

Continuing my ongoing infatuation with — but not yet committed to buying — the Archos 5 Internet Tablet, from time to time I will do these posts which might not have much to do with the e-reading aspects of that device. And there might also be some Android OS-related items too.

Another week, another firmware update for the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. This one seems rather weak. AppsLib is still reported by many as being frustrating to use.

Acer to underclock the 1 GHz Snapdragon

We originally thought the Acer Liquid would be a 1 GHz phone since it featured the Snapdragon platform, but we were wrong.

I think that kills my Acer Liquid lust d-e-d.

New Sony Ericsson Rachael UI video hits, still looks nothing like Android
People who wind up buying this need to know one thing: Aldiko. I also wonder if this custom UI will further threaten a fracturing of Android?

This next item is nuclear:

TubeDroid from Sirius Applications

Now you can download all your favorite YouTube videos on the go, right to your phone (or other Android device) – with one tap. Just click on a YouTube video link in the browser (or the built in YouTube search) and select Download. Presto, the video starts downloading in the background.

As far as I know, the iPhone lacks that capability. I currently use a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that automagically embeds a “Download as MP4” link in a YouTube page. This is because this crap PC sometimes can’t play YouTube videos, so I must rip them to view locally. To have this ability on the Archos 5 IT itself would be wonderful!

And here is jkkmobile with a 23-minute first impressions video that is very interesting:

Oh that poor Archos. He is going to perform surgery on it!

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