AMC’s The Prisoner: Digital Book

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The Prisoner Online graphic novel

The Prisoner airs Nov. 15 – 17 on AMC, but you’re invited to stay in The Village even longer. The story continues with a new heroine and more secrets of The Village exposed in an online interactive graphic novel. Starting with a special sneak peek prologue Nov. 10, this new tale will span 10 chapters. Look for the second chapter immediately following the Prisoner finale on Nov. 17, then log on to each week for the latest exclusive installment.

Forget the retread of V on ABC.


This is the controversial TV series of 2009.


Some Hidden Images In AMC’s The Prisoner Trailer

2 Responses to AMC’s The Prisoner: Digital Book

  1. jenn topper says:

    this looks very cool. i may actually take a look.

  2. kingbiscuitpants says:

    I’m enough of a masochist to check this out even though I was hugely disappointed by the reboot & I desperately wanted it to be good since I’m a such a fan of the original, I go on about it in the following

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