Writer Tyler Perry: The Official Video

Even when television wakes up and gets on the Internet, they do it wrong.

Last night’s 60 Minutes is available officially here, but only as an all-or-nothing proposition. Start at the start and go through to the end. At least that was my experience. I could not hop to the third segment, which was the one featuring writer Tyler Perry.

So, I turn to the kindness of people who do give people what they want: the pirates.

Here it is via YouTube. Expect it to be DMCAed away at one point.

So watch it now.

UPDATE: Even this pirate did it wrong! This is not the entire segment. Stand by as I look for the full one.

UPDATE 2: CBS has put up the entire segment itself over at Veoh.

You have to watch a pre-roll and embedded ad (each fifteen seconds long), but it’s worth it.

Previously here:

Writer Tyler Perry On CBS’s 60 Minutes


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