E Is Also For Envy

Once Upon A Time …

… when tech things cost a lot more than they do right now, there were these things called Pocket PCs.

I imagined back then that I could do a lot more with a Pocket PC than I could with the Palm III I had and was very keen to find out more about a low-priced Pocket PC from Compaq, the Aero.


The Aero was low-priced because unlike all other Pocket PCs, it had a monochrome screen.

That didn’t bother me back then. I was dealing primarily with text.

One night, I had an opportunity to go to some sort of Pocket PC meeting in New York City.

There, I happened to meet someone who owned the Aero.

He was a poet.

He was glad to give me a demonstration and was very pleased with the Aero. He recommended it very highly.

He was the only person there that night with an Aero. Everyone else had much more expensive Pocket PCs and they all had color screens.

Before the night was through, this guy who had been very satisfied with his Aero began to feel like a pauper — because everyone else had color screens!

I was shocked by his turnaround in attitude. Suddenly the Aero was no longer good enough for him. Owning it seemed to be a reflection of his economic status. Even of his social status. Of his very manliness!

As you can see, I never forgot this incident.

What does this have to do with eBooks?

Save your money.

4 Responses to E Is Also For Envy

  1. barbara says:

    Not to be cranky, but don’t you mean e-readers?

  2. mikecane says:

    >>>Not to be cranky, but don’t you mean e-readers?

    No. Referring to the title of this blog, which has *eBook* in it.

  3. Mike Mc says:

    I love it! I have an old Aero 1500 in drawer around here somewhere – it was my first “e” reading device. Too bad about the poet’s gadget envy, it’s that kind of thinking that’s made us a society of debt laden hyper-consumers. And I’m certainly not judging because I couldn’t even begin tell you how much money I’ve dropped on computers and electronic gadgets over the last 25 years.

  4. I bought two Pocket PCs back in the day, primarily for writing, and never made much use of either one. I remember thinking the monochrome PDAs were inferior, and even though they suited my needs just fine, never bought one.

    Oddly, I still use composition notebooks to this day, and never understood spending the extra money for a Moleskine. Weird.

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