Is Fictionwise Burning eBooks?


Via various tweets and links, I was led to the site of writer Piers Anthony, where this disturbing item was posted this month about eBook retailer Fictionwise (now owned by brick and mortar bookseller Barnes and Noble).


There is no direct link to this item. The site is one long list, so use your browser’s Find function to search for the word controversial.

[Fictionwise] October 2009 update: troublesome report that the one-time $15 set-up fee now is invoked any time a change or update needs to be made. They have been paying late, and sometimes in error to the author’s disfavor, not corrected; this is harder to track because they have removed real-time figures. They have censored books, removing ”controversial” ones. This sort of thing bothers publishers, but few dare to protest.

Red boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I will say it again: Writers need to go it alone or band together into cooperative bookstores of their own.

There is not a single retailer out there who can either be trusted or has the courage to stand behind freedom of expression.

Not one!

And that this is now happening under the watch of Barnes & Noble is particularly shocking.

I think both Fictionwise and Barnes & Noble need to issue an official statement about this.

And the affected writers need to start screaming — loudly!

One Response to Is Fictionwise Burning eBooks?

  1. barbara says:

    I was thinking about a fictionwise membership (and I have bought a couple of things from fictionwise), but until I see the official statement, I will not use them again.

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