Moriah Jovan’s Asus eReading Flirtation

The handy-dandy all-purpose digital reader

Some time back ago, I said I wanted an Asus EeePC to read digital books because it was kind of an all-purpose device. As time went on, I decided maybe I’d rather have an iPhone or a BlackBerry, but then I found out about their mandatory data plans and I’m a cheap bitch, so no thanks. I wanted something reasonably portable that I could 1) read digital books on in any format I wanted; 2) listen to music; 3) keep my personal data on (now that I have this awesome personal information management standalone app); and 4) to basically be able to haul my brain around with me. I don’t like talking on the phone, so I would rather not have one at all, but must. I want to keep the phone separate from my other tasks.

She has a gallery of photos, displaying various reading programs.

And then there’s this: More on the Asus

One Response to Moriah Jovan’s Asus eReading Flirtation

  1. barbara says:

    She’s absolutely right, only I picked an ACER Aspire rather than an Asus eeePc (blame @scalzi. He got an Acer and I immediately went into lust mode.) It helps to live with computer geeks for consulting purposes.

    It goes everywhere with me and is a multipurpose tool. My only objections are: it’s kind of clunky to read on the bus and wifi isn’t universally available, which makes working in the clouds difficult sometimes. (Google calendar syncs with my blackberry so I can keep tasks separate from my phone, but I don’t have to keep two calendars.)

    As far as reading in bed…depending on the ereader is can be a pain, but it’s doable and not horribly uncomfortable…

    question: MJ what is your awesome personal information management standalone app????

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