eBooks Notes For Thursday, October 8, 2009

Three interesting blogs:

Don’t Publish Me!

The living diary of what it takes to get published…or not. Writing, obtaining representation, getting a publisher, and achieving fame and fortune. Fortune without fame would be preferable, since my kid is going to private school this fall.

29 Jobs and a Million Lies

This is the story of my 29 Jobs, fraught with a Million Lies. And some very stupid decisions, lucky tricks, and altogether silly outlooks.


To understand and pursue the craft, art and business of storytelling in the digital age.

Since Twitter has been having its usual vapors (worth a billion dollars? what drugs are you people on?), many of the eBook/book news tweets I’d run there will be here instead, below, after the break.

eBook.com Launches the Most Interactive Ebook Web Site Yet

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) October 8, 2009 — eBook.com has been launched with a new age interface, interactive web 2.0 functionality and the ability for members to customise their own entry page to suit their reading habits.

eBook.com eBook Club members can choose their favorite authors, publishers and even specific titles and display these on their very own eBook home page which comes bundled with a unique URL (Web site Address). Members can share their unique web address with friends and family through social network sites, blogs, their own web site or just by email.

As a bonus, eBook.com eBook Club members receive 25% discount coupons on eBooks from major publisher such as Wiley, McGraw Hill, Random House, Harper Collins and Hachette. There is no cost associated with becoming an eBook.com eBook Club member.

German: Buchhändler Hugendubel verkauft Ebook-Reader Iriver Story
Google English: Booksellers Hugendubel sells e-book reader Iriver Story

The Iriver comes in white, is the size of a paperback book, about an inch thin and equipped with two GB of internal memory. This should last for more than 1,500 books. If that is not enough, you can upgrade the memory with SD cards on. Moreover, can the story as an Iriver MP3 player, picture viewer, indicators for MS Office files and abuse as a dictation machine.

The six-inch E Ink screen has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels with eight shades of gray. With a weight of 284 grams, the device should not be much heavier than a real book.

According to NTP, the device can read classic ebooks in formats like ePub, RTF, XML, PDF, View as well as all Microsoft Office formats open, comics as a JPG, GIF or BMP formats and import magazines and newspapers as a PDF or RSS.

Kindle Rival Cool-er to Hit QVC

Shortly after Amazon cut the price of its Kindle e-reader, Interead, maker of the rival Cool-er device, said it has signed on with home-shopping network QVC to help it launch Cool-er in the U.S.

QVC will offer the e-reader, at an undisclosed price, as part of its “Today’s Special Value” program, commonly referred to as “TSV,” in early December.

Kindle 2 right now is US$249.00 — the price of the Cool-er. I’d say that was Game Over for the “iPod moment” for eBooks.

Could the Advent of E-Readers Lead Law Journals to Move Into E-Book Publishing?

I argued yesterday that the advent of e-readers would reduce traditional publishers’ marginal advantage in publishing scholarly books. This makes it possible for others to compete effectively with book publishers. And the logical candidates for this role would be law journals.

Download and Read Thousands of All Romance(TM) eBooks Right on Your Android(TM) Smartphone with the Aldiko Application

Palm Harbor, FL, Oct 08, 2009 (PRWeb.com via COMTEX) — Readers will now be able to browse, search and seamlessly download more than 10,000 eBooks, including free reads, to their Android phones directly from ARe without a computer, cable or subscription using the Aldiko application.

Aldiko seems to be a really neat little program. See a video of it in this prior post.

e-Books Are an Interim Technology on the Way to e-Tablets

These electronic [book readers] are an interim technology. Soon we are moving, en masse, to having electronic tablet devices in our lives. These tablets are a combination of netbook and smartphone. They are “always on” devices and they are Swiss army knife devices, designed to do as many tasks as possible that we might need in our lives. Watch television or a movie, surf the interweb, do some office or school work, talk to a friend, shoot some video, listen to some music and so much more.

Of course he’s right. I find myself becoming very interested in that Archos 5 Internet Tablet. It’s pocketable, unlike the all current eInk devices. and offers color and more functions. Aside from its current bugginess, what’s not to like? (OK, it could have a capacitance screen instead of resistance, but still…)

He’s wrong about the OLED screen, however. The idea that OLED would be great for reading is just not correct. As someone from an OLED screen manufacturer pointed out at a trade show several months ago (alas, I have no link), a text page is primarily white — and all those white pixels are drawing power. Pixel Qi is the most likely candidate for reading-optimized screens.

iPhone Apps have made us rich!

… iFart, developed by Joel Comm, 43, from Colorado, USA. He enjoys a windfall of £5,000 a day from his modern take on the whooppee cushion.

Red boldface emphasis added by me.

Just shoot me in the head…

TVU iPhone App Hits 1 Million Downloads

TVU Networks has announced that its TVUPlayer on the iPhone and the iPod touch has exceeded one million downloads.

Previously, TVU’s PC-based TVUPlayer had been downloaded by over 50 million viewers in 220 countries. Now, the same channels are available on the iPhone over WiFi connections. TVU’s 400 live TV channels from around the world include Deutsche Welle and Telemundo, as well as international sports such as cricket and alternative niche programming.

I am really waiting for the day when a digital book publisher announces over a million downloads — and not for free, either.

Metallica launch iPhone application

Heavy rockers METALLICA have launched a new iPhone application to allow fans to listen to its live show recordings on the move.

The band has teamed up with Apple to allow subscribers to its website, which offers fans song downloads from 269 of their concerts, access to the Live Metallica application.

Vincent Van Gogh’s letters

902 surviving letters by Vincent van Gogh are to be published for the first time this week. Mostly written to the artist’s brother Theo, the letters offer personal insights which give lie to the idea that van Gogh was a “reckless and unreflective genius”.

I want this collection as a digital book!

Source: NYPL Digital Gallery, The New York Public Library.

Writer Edgar Allan Poe gets proper funeral – 160 years on

By the standards of any age, it was a miserable way to go. Edgar Allan Poe, dark romantic writer and poet credited with inventing the genre of detective fiction, enjoyed a death far more Gothic and gloomy than any of his stories.

It began badly when he was found, aged 40, wandering the streets of Baltimore, penniless, raving unintelligibly, dressed in someone else’s clothes, possibly having been beaten up. He died four days later, on October 7 1849, in hospital, having uttered the final words: “Lord, help my poor soul.”

Rest in peace, Edgar.

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