Writer James Hadley Chase eBooks Coming!

UPDATE: DO NOT BUY THESE. See this post.

Booksquare on Twitter alerted me to Harlequin reprinting some classic works by writer James Hadley Chase.

Since he’s been generally out of print for so long, I’ve been able to read only two of his books, but I loved them. So I’ve been waiting and waiting for someone to get wise and bring him back.

Now Harlequin will be doing so — in paper and in eBook.


Just look at these covers!



Go see the rest in the Vintage series (which includes other writers)!

3 Responses to Writer James Hadley Chase eBooks Coming!

  1. abraham nwankwere says:

    james hadley is my best writer
    from childhood.

  2. Simeon olakunle says:

    I just love this man the best in history

  3. samuel wakaro says:

    James hadly chase was the writer I have ever come across .is it possible we get his thriller novels here in Kenya .l like his novels very much.is his wife alive and what his son.

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