Hanwang/Hanvon Starts Tablet Flood?

From JKKMobile via Twitter: Meet Hanvon multitouch tablet

Oh boy. Hanwang is a company that seems to create a new eBook device every month.

Now they’re showing a mini-tablet that runs Windows 7.

First some screensnaps, then the video:


Notice the sealed back. I see no way to replace a battery.


Power jack, On/Off, USB port.

MultiTouch — don’t get excited, watch the lag on the video.

Possibly: Audio Out, Audio In, USB port, SD card?

Hanwang/Hanvon. I guess they’re making the name easier for English speakers.

Now the video:

I’d like to get excited about this, but the price will be the thing. That and availability. At least it will be able to do eBooks via software: LIT via MS Reader, Mobi via MobiPocket Desktop, PDF via Adobe Reader/Adobe Digital Editions, etc. Although with an Atom processor, I’m not certain how successful any of that will be.

Previously here:

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