A New Twist On Digital Book Pricing

AP Stylebook Launches iPhone App

The app costs $28.99 — $10 more than the print version of the Stylebook (just $4 more if you factor in the $6 shipping fee), and $4 more than the online subscription. The app designers are quick to point out, though, that the price is comparable to other reference iPhone apps, including the Oxford English Dictionary ($19.99) and the American Heritage Dictionary ($29.99). Newvine also notes that users who purchase the 2009 app would be offered a two-for-one deal that would guarantee them the 2010 app for free.

That’s clever: Give us your money now and you’ll also get something later.

The reverse Wimpy.


Am I the only person to notice that AP didn’t do this for the Sony Reader or abominable Kindle? So much for the utility of eInk devices.

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