Google: Now View PDF Search Results In Google Docs

I don’t know how long this has been going on. I don’t recall seeing any announcement by Google about this. It seems to me this is a major change and would have made a splash. Maybe I missed it because PDF is not interesting to me?

Previously, when encountering a PDF document in a Google search result, there was a View As HTML option. Now this seems to be getting replaced with an option simply called View.

Click = big

What’s interesting about this is that it launches that PDF into Google Docs, where it’s now displayed as a full PDF, with all formatting seemingly intact!

Just plop PDF into Google’s search box and sample the change!

4 Responses to Google: Now View PDF Search Results In Google Docs

  1. Robert Nagle says:

    So much for Adobe’s domination of the documentation world! Now, if google only had a builtin epub reader.

  2. […] Mike Cane notices that Google search results is now opening up PDFs directly  in Google Docs. […]

  3. mikecane says:

    @Nagle: I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens too. But as an iPhone app first.

  4. Eric Rumsey says:

    Maybe Google hasn’t announced this change because it’s not fully implemented — Here’s a search I did that still has mostly “View as HTML” — Note the “filetype:pdf” limit phrase in search is helpful …

    flood control site:gov filetype:pdf

    8 have “View as HTML”
    2 have “View” – Open as Google Doc (one of which fails to open)

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